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Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing Keeps Crowds in the Right Places

At large events, crowds will spill out into unwanted places if not contained. This isn't necessarily because they are unruly, but simply because they don't know where they should be standing. This leads to people milling around on nearby roads, where they can either block traffic or be struck by it. It also causes chaos at ticket selling and ticket-checking areas, where people have to wait but don't know exactly how they should line up.

Temporary fencing takes care of these problems by providing clear borders to event areas, dividers in line-up areas, and other guidance to the crowds of attendees. Notably, this type of fencing is not usually used for security, but instead, to give people gentle notification of where they are supposed to be and go.

There is no need for event organizers to buy temporary fencing, especially if the event is a one-off. Instead, you can get fence rentals that are offered for just these purposes. If you need to provide stronger signals, you can add privacy screening or sandbags. Privacy screening blocks the view for those who didn't buy tickets, and who aren't adamant enough about sneaking in to try to climb the fence. Sandbags make the fence panels more resistant to being knocked over by people walking or dancing nearby, and this increases safety while helping to prevent unexpected chaotic incidents.

No matter what kind of event you're holding, fence rentals are great solutions when you need to provide simple barriers. You won't have to invest in purchasing the panels, and you won't have to store them once the event ends. The company will handle the drop-off and pick-up, and that'll be that!

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