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Portable Sinks

Add Portable Sinks to Make Handwashing Easy in Rustic Settings

While the idea of a "rustic setting" may bring camping to mind, the reality is that any spot without existing plumbing qualifies. In fact, there might not even be electricity there. These situations are common not just on campsites, but also at construction sites and outdoor event locations. This brings challenges to those who want to provide basic sanitation at these places.

Standard Site Rental understands that for good hygiene, a site operator must provide more than basic portable bathrooms. Portable sinks and/or portable hand sanitizers should also be included. These can be added to Porta Potty units or offered as stand-alone systems.

When you get a portable sink for rent, you may need to run a hose to it to provide the water. There is no need to attach it to permanent plumbing. The wastewater is held in the unit, much like the waste from the toilet. If there is no water present on the site, you can bring in a truck to provide it. This makes it easy to provide working sinks in many locations.

If it isn't feasible to bring in any water at all, you can still offer people the ability to clean their hands. Switch the portable sinks for hand sanitizers, and you have a go-anywhere solution for cleanliness.

Whether you decide to use hand sanitizer stands or get a portable sink for rent, your work crews or event guests will be glad that they don't have to leave their hands dirty after using the portable restroom. There will also be a lower risk of spreading disease when it is easy to practice good hand hygiene.

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