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Portable Restrooms

Portable Restrooms are Essential Wherever Permanent Ones Don't Exist

In places that have permanent buildings in place, there is usually no need for temporary restrooms. However, there are many locations where there are no completed structures, but there are plenty of people. In these places, portable restrooms are essential for maintaining general hygiene.

Construction sites are some of the biggest Porta Potty rental customers. There, entire crews of workers are present, but since the buildings aren't done yet, they have no facilities to use unless units are brought in. It is typical to see at least one Porta Potty on site for the construction of a single-family home. If the project involves something like the building of a multi-story structure or a large, enclosed mall, there will be several portable restrooms in sight. Sometimes, they will even be spread across several points on the property to make it easy for all crew members to reach a bathroom when needed.

Event locations are also huge users of Porta Potty rental. These events have huge, empty fields as their bases. Everything needed for the event must be portable and is typically brought in on trucks. Musical performances and traveling carnivals are perfect examples of this type of event.

In these cases, portable restrooms are typically set up in huge banks along one or two sides of the event area. Restroom rental companies can often offer advice about how many units to get based on the expected crowd size. This makes it easy to avoid either renting unnecessary units or far worse, having too few.

Other amenities may also be offered by restroom rental companies. For example, at Standard Site Rentals, you can also rent portable hand sanitizer units and crowd control fencing. This makes it easy to handle some of the most crucial parts of your event infrastructure needs.

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