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Portable Rentals For Construction

Do You Need Portable Rentals for Construction Projects?

Employers are required by OSHA to provide bathroom facilities for their workers. There must be at least one toilet for crews of 20 or fewer, and one toilet and a urinal for crews of 20-40. For most businesses, it is easy enough to comply with this regulation. However, on construction sites, things get trickier. That's because, on a construction site, the permanent bathrooms do not yet exist – and they won't exist until the construction is complete.

This is why you will typically see portable rentals for construction. These Porta-Potties provide the needed facilities even when there is no plumbing or even buildings currently in existence. Rental bathrooms can also be added or subtracted according to the current size of the crew, which often changes depending on the phase of the project.

For extra hygiene, a hand sanitizing station may be added to portable rentals for construction. On rough sites like these, it's usually best to get the unit that fits inside of the portable bathroom, rather than the standalone model. This will protect the hand sanitization station from grit, dust, contact with heavy machinery, and the weather.

Importantly, portable rentals for construction must be placed close enough to the workers to be readily accessible. Those that are too far away do not count for OSHA purposes. Therefore, on big projects, the bathrooms may need to be moved as the focal point of construction activity changes.

The purpose of these regulations is to prevent the spread of disease that can come with people relieving themselves in improper areas. Therefore, it is taken seriously by OSHA, and in many areas, local health agencies as well. Always be sure to get enough portable toilets for your construction site.

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